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Chapter 3 Substories

Yakuza 0 — Guide and Walkthrough (PS4)

Guide and Walkthrough (PS4) by CyricZ

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/17/2023
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2017

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. FAQ
    1. Notes on Missable Trophies
  3. The Basics
    1. Basic Controls
    2. Menus
    3. Hints & Tips
  4. Exploring Japan
    1. Common Attractions
    2. Kamurocho, Tokyo
    3. Sotenbori, Osaka
    4. Important Characters
    5. Glossary of Terms
  5. Combat and Abilities
    1. Basic Combat
    2. Mr. Shakedown
    3. Upgrading
    4. Kazuma Kiryu: Brawler Style
    5. Kazuma Kiryu: Rush Style
    6. Kazuma Kiryu: Beast Style
    7. Kazuma Kiryu: Legend Style
    8. Goro Majima: Thug Style
    9. Goro Majima: Slugger Style
    10. Goro Majima: Breaker Style
    11. Goro Majima: Legend Style
  6. Story Walkthrough
    1. Chapter 1: Bound By Oath
    2. Chapter 2: The Real Estate Broker in the Shadows
    3. Chapter 3: A Gilded Cage
    4. Chapter 4: Proof of Resolve
    5. Chapter 5: An Honest Living
    6. Chapter 6: The Yakuza Way
    7. Chapter 7: A Dark Escape
    8. Chapter 8: Tug of War
    9. Chapter 9: Ensnared
    10. Chapter 10: A Man’s Worth
    11. Chapter 11: A Murky Riverbed
    12. Chapter 12: Den of Desires
    13. Chapter 13: Crime and Punishment
    14. Chapter 14: Unwavering Bonds
    15. Chapter 15: Scattered Light
    16. Chapter 16: The Proof of Love
    17. Finale: Black and White
  7. Real Estate Royale
    1. Basics of Real Estate
    2. Your Staff
    3. Properties
    4. Challenges of Running a Business
    5. The Five Billionaires
  8. Cabaret Club Czar
    1. Basics of a Cabaret Club
    2. The Hostess Brigade
    3. Preparing your Platinums
    4. Business Partners
    5. Rival Battles with the Five Stars
  9. Substories
    1. Overview
    2. Chapter 2 Substories
    3. Chapter 3 Substories
    4. Chapter 4 Substories
    5. Chapter 5 Substories
    6. Chapter 6 Substories
    7. Chapter 7 Substories
    8. Chapter 8 Substories
    9. Chapter 10 Substories
    10. Finale Substories
  10. Masters
    1. Bacchus
    2. Kamoji
    3. Miss Tatsu
    4. Sometaro Komeki
    5. Fei Hu
    6. Areshi
  11. City Exploration
    1. Telephone Cards
    2. Video Clips
    3. Dream Machines
    4. Coliseum
  12. Arcade Games
    1. Fantasy Zone
    2. Out Run
    3. Space Harrier
    4. Super Hang-On
    5. UFO Catcher
  13. Gambling Games
    1. Baccarat
    2. Blackjack
    3. Cee-lo
    4. Cho-han
    5. Koi-koi
    6. Oicho-kabu
    7. Poker
    8. Roulette
  14. Minigames
    1. Batting Center
    2. Bowling
    3. Catfights
    4. Darts
    5. Disco
    6. Fishing
    7. Karaoke
    8. Mahjong
    9. Pocket Circuit
    10. Pool
    11. Shogi
    12. Telephone Club
  15. Heat Actions
  16. Dragon & Tiger
    1. Destinations
    2. Agents
    3. Recipes
    4. Parts
  17. Items
    1. Recovery
    2. Equipment
    3. Other
    4. Pocket Circuit Components
  18. Completion List
    1. Completion Metrics
    2. Completion Points and the Shrine/Temple
    3. DLC
    4. New Game + and Premium Adventure
    5. Climax Battles
    6. Trophies/Achievements
  19. Standard Guide Stuff
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Chapter 3 Substories

The substories don’t pop up in this chapter until you finish your encounter with Fei Hu and get the Slugger Style.

#49 — From the Heart

Just outside of Le Marche is a man sniffling over not being able to buy something. Approach him and he’ll tell you to find him a heart necklace. Or, failing that, a convincing forgery. Head down towards Shofukucho South and you’ll run across two guys talking, one obviously being the forger you’re looking for. He’ll give you his business card, so pass it off to the man in front of Le Marche. You’ll hand off the business card. Now, head down towards Shofukucho South again to the marked spot (where you found the forger earlier) and defeat the three guys inside. You’ll get a Secret Wallet as a reward and the Riri Kuribayashi video clip.

#50 — The Entertainer’s Throne

On the east side of Iwao Bridge is a fellow playing at a human statue. Examine him to speak to him. Leave and come back later to find a crowd watching him, but it appears he has to use the restroom. You’ll need to distract the crowd. The correct options are the «UFO» and «singing» options, but you can try all for funsies. After that, you’ll fight a tough guy, which should also be quite distracting. Now, speak to Statue-san again. Successfully getting him to the restroom will net you a Staminan Royale. If you don’t do so hot, you’ll get a Staminan X.

#51 — Rise of the Dragon

Head to the far east of Shofukucho St. near the taxi and someone will try to get your attention. At the north side of the street is a guy hiding behind a pillar. Speak to him and you’ll learn of his predicament. You’ll learn of the «bontan hunter» who hangs out near Magutako. Head over there and you’ll find a VERY familiar looking blond kid (if you’ve played other games in the series). He’s a tough customer with a lot of health and power, so don’t be afraid to get tough with him. Afterwards you’ll have a nice conversation with «Ryuji-kun» and his friends. Return to Peter Pantsless and give them back. Head back to Magutako to close out the substory.

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#52 — Be My Boyfriend

Head down Sotenbori St. and around the time you hit Zuboraya, a woman will stop you and ask for you to be her boyfriend. Respond however you wish, then agree to her request to meet her dad as her pretend boyfriend. Answer as follows: «Pleased to meet you sir. I’m Goro Majima.» «I’m a dentist.» «We sat next to each other at a movie.» «She’s so innocent and childlike.» Your max reward is a Sprite Belt. for getting everything right. If you get fewer things right, you’ll get Fluorite x 5, and at the bottom of the heap, you’ll get a Bulletproof Glass Amulet. Regardless, you’ll also get Kokoa Aisu’s video clip.

#53 — Man with a Stranger’s Face

In Ashitaba Park, speak to the man in the olive-colored jacket to note that he keeps staring at a mom and her boy. Turns out the man is their husband/father with a surgically altered face because of yakuza drama. Leave and return to the area to speak to him again. When you approach the boy say «Whatcha up to?». Leave and come back again and you’ll find the mother. Approach her and she’ll mention her son is missing. Travel to the south end of the Bunzaemon Mall and you’ll find him in his green jacket. Speak to him and you’ll take him back to the park where you’ll find, among other things, a bunch of jerks for you to beat up. Go for the gunner first as he has very low health, then beat up the rest. You’ll get a Sakura Storm katana.

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#54 — Disciple of the New Order

At the western exit of Ashitaba Park is a mother speaking to two people dressed in white. Looks like they might be cult members and the woman’s daughter got suckered in. Speak to the woman and you’ll get a Handmade Amulet for your trip into the cult. Head to the northwest corner of Ashitaba Park to find some more cultists. Remember, the name of the cult is «Munan Chohept Onast». Once you find Iori, you can either «Call her Iori» or «Pretend to be Munan Chohept». Once it’s time for the greeting, «Say it with the Pose». Once you hit the test, answer «Onast», «Shooreh Pippi», «Circle with the Left Hand. «, «Munan Suzuki». The best results from this is getting Crystal, but there are lesser rewards for getting some wrong. If you get three wrong, you’ll have a fight with some of the believers. Next, Iori will come in. Tell her her «mom’s gonna be heartbroken». You will fight Suzuki, so tear him up. You’ll get a Traveler’s Amulet as well as Iori Kagawa’s video clip.

#55 — Calling the Future

Use the Save Point in the northwest corner and you’ll notice a guy getting a call on his personal bag phone. Agree to try it out and it’ll fail. You’ll need to get a Battery. Don Quijote carries them, so grab one and bring it back. Now he needs some health. Give him any energy drink. Now, beat up the two punks that showed up. Now, head over to the M Store on the west side of Shofukucho and speak to the man again. From now on you can speak to the man and he’ll act as a Save Point.

#56 — A Taxing Issue

Just northwest of the Temple in the Hoganji Yochoko area are a bunch of business guys harassing another business guy. Speak to them and you’ll learn about the upcoming 3% sales tax. A touchy subject indeed. Beat down the four bozos and speak to the remaining guy. He’ll ask you questions. Answer «To provide public services», «Tobacco», «Gasoline», and «8%». Your best reward for this is a Primeval Spirit Stone.

#57 — Crossed Words

In front of Kani Douraku are a couple arguing. Apparently crosswords are just now picking up steam in Japan (and by now I mean the 80’s). You’ll need to help them out. The answers are «Mashed», «Popcorn», «Shoulder», and «Soy sauce». If you succeed, you’ll get Pearl X 3. If you fail, you get Quality Iron. Regardless, you’ll get the Shizuku Hasegawa video clip as well.

#58 — Stadium Jumper Strut

Just south of Iwao Bridge on the west side of the street is a guy on the ground. Speak to him and offer to give him an energy drink that you’re carrying. He’ll be up shortly. The man wants to cross the bridge in his varsity jacket, but it’s such a threatening jacket that guys swarm him while he does it. Your objective is to protect him as he does. I suggest using the wide swings of the Slugger Style to keep the riff-raff off him. You’ll get an Encounter Finder for protecting him.

#62 — The 10 Million Drug Test

In the southwest part of the district (south of Mahjong Jambalaya) is a building with a back alley. In the northwest corner of that alley is a poster. Read it and head to the east side of Ashitaba Park. Speak to the guy in black. Agree to the testing and you’ll take three tests. For the first, defeat all the guys they throw at you while watching your health so it doesn’t slip away. For the second test, your battle style will change randomly, even to Breaker if you don’t have it yet. In the final test, your vision will be obscured around the edges. Defeat your foes and you’ll get your 10 million yen.

#63 — Errands on the Run

While walking down south of Mahjong Jambalaya, you may stumble into a guy running around. Head to the M Store on Shofukucho West and you’ll see him on the ground. Talk to him and hand over an energy drink. Leave and return to the same area to find him on the ground again. Go buy him some Sneakers from Don Quijote and bring them to him. Leave and come back once more and you’ll find him again. Agree to deliver to his girl on the north side of the river on the footpath. Once you get there, fight your enemy, then when your friend shows up, «Tell Him the Truth». Once you open your business later in the game, «Erranda» will join your club.

#64 — Toilet Talk

Head near the bathroom in Ashitaba Park and Majima will ruminate on whether or not he needs to go. Go inside and Majima will notice some graffiti. Reply to it. Leave and come back later once the marker appears on the map. Reply however you like in this next one, then leave and come back again. You’ll find your penpal wants to meet at the phone booth on Shofukucho. Head there, then beat up the jokers who meet you. You’ll get a Calming Towel as your reward and the video of Rina Ito.

#65 — The Obatarian Strikes

In the middle of Sotenbori St. on the south side is a takoyaki stand with people lined up. Interact with it and a lady will push you out of the way. Pick whichever response you like, then leave and come back. Check the stand and respond however you like. You’ll get Candy. Leave and head back and the Obatarian will bite off more than she can chew. Beat down the bad guy and you’ll finish this substory. Once you open your business, Etsuko will join your club.

#78 — The Doll Girl

Outside of SEGA HI-TECH LAND is a young girl looking forlornly inside. Speak to her and she’ll give you the big brush-off. Leave and come back to find two thugs eyeing her. Give them a world-class beatdown and she’ll be a friend. To build her friendship, get her Chestnut the Squirrel (Red) from the UFO Catcher and bring it to her. She’ll run off, but come back later. Now she wants a Blue Chestnut, so get her one of those. Next up is a Pink Bunchan. Lastly, you’ll see the girl crying over her busted Bunchan. You’ll follow her to giant jerks, so bust their faces. You’ll get a Security Wallet. Once you open your business, «Dolly» (the little girl’s mother) will join the club.

#79 — Komian’s Chef

Eat at Komian and you’ll start a friendship with the chef. Continue to eat to build up the friendship. You’ll learn about Nozomi the assistant as well. Near the end you’ll have to get ingredients for a kitchen emergency. Head to the river and fish up a salmon, a turtle, and an eel. Bring those back and you’ll get the Trouble Finder as well as the Nozomi Hakuza video.

#80 — STIJL’s Barkeep

Drink at Shot Bar STIJL and the bartender will get friendly with you. Continue to order drinks to build up your friendshp. Bring some Legendary Drinker of Ryukyu if you want cut down your drunkeness quickly to get it all done at once. At a certain point, he’ll ask you to tend bar while he goes to get a shipment. When the customers come in, tell them «Sherry casks», «Ballantine’s», and «Fruity aroma». Doing well will get you a French Wallet and Courvoisier XO will be added to the menu. You can also partner with STIJL for free once you get access to your Business.

#81 — Gandhara’s Clerk

Head to Gandhara and watch a video. Kids, don’t strike up friendships with guys who run creepy video places. Keep watching videos to continue to increase his friendship. At various points you’ll have conversations with him. At a high level, he’ll mention a special video tape hidden somewhere in Sotenbori. Go to the alley south of Utahime (where the marker is) and you’ll find a woman in white. She mentions how cold she is. Head to an M Store and buy some Oden Soup, then give it to the woman. She’ll give you. «The Videotape». Bring it back to Gandhara and you and the clerk will watch it. You can now partner with the place for free once you get access to your Business.

#82 — Kyoko at SEGA HI-TECH LAND

Play Space Harrier at the arcade and Kyoko will take notice. Leave, come back, and play again and she’ll say she’s going for a high score. Leave and come back and she’ll challenge you to beat 1 million points. Defeat her and you’ll get a Quality Iron, then come back and play again. Leave and come back once more and she’ll challenge you to beat 2 million points. Do so, and she’ll have Fantasy Zone in the arcade when you come back. You’ll also get the Kyoko video clip. You can now partner with the place for free once you get access to your Business.

#96 — Fei Hu’s Training

This is begun by doing an initial equipment search with Fei Hu. After that first one is done, return to the restaurant and speak to him.

#98 — Play-Money Shakedown

Encounter Mr. Shakedown with Majima. This guy with a red sleeveless shirt is Kawahashi. Defeat him to end the substory.

#99 — The Ultimate Plan

The second Mr. Shakedown has a black sleeveless shirt and is named Oe. Ruin him.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you’re looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.



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