Мануал для сузуки балено

Suzuki Baleno User Manual




This manual is an essential part of your


vehicle and should be kept with the vehicle

conservation and protection of Earth’s

at all times. Please read this manual carefully

and review it from time to time. It contains

To that end, we encourage every vehicle

important information on safety, operation,

owner to recycle, trade in, or properly

and maintenance. It is especially important

dispose of, as appropriate, used motor oil,

that this manual remain with the vehicle at

the time of resale. The next owner will need

You are invited to avail the three free

inspection services as described in this

manual.Three free inspection coupons are

attached to this manual. Please show this

manual to your dealer when you take your

information available at the time of

publication. Due to improvements

To prolong the life of your vehicle and reduce

or other changes, there may be

maintenance cost, the periodic maintenance

discrepancies between information


Maruti reserves the right to make

changes at any time without notice.

MAINTENANCE» section of this manual.

This vehicle may not comply with

preventing trouble and accidents to ensure

standards or regulations of other

your satisfaction and sefety.

countries. Before attempting to

Daily Inspection and Care as per «DAILY



of this Manual is essential for prolonging the

regulations and make any necessary

operating lite of the vehicle and for safe driving.

Please read this manual and follow its instructions carefully. To emphasise special information, the words WARNING, CAUTION, and NOTE have special meanings. Information following these signal words should be carefully reviewed.

The personal safety of the driver, passengers, or by standers may be involved. Disregarding this information could result in their injury or death.

These instructions point out special service procedures or precautions that must be followed to avoid damaging the vehicle.

This provides special information to make maintenance easier or important instructions clearer.

The circle with a slash in this manual means «Don’t do this» or «Don’t let this happen».

Do not modify this vehicle. Modification could adversely affect safety, handling, performance, or durability and may contravene regulations. In addition, damage or performance problems resulting from modification may not be covered under warranty.

Improper installation of mobile communication equipment such as cellular talephones or CB (Citizen’s Band) radios may cause electronic interference with your vehicle’s ignition system, resulting in vehicle performance problems. Consult your MARUTI dealer or qualified service technician for advice on installing such mobile communication equipment.

Copying, quoting or reproduction of any part of this manual is not permitted without explicit approval by MARUTI UDYOG LIMITED.

Maruti Udyog Limited (hereinafter called «Maruti»), warrants that each new Maruti vehicle distributed in India by Maruti and sold by an authorised Maruti dealer will be free, under normal use and service, from any defects in material and workmanship at the time of manufacture SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

To qualify for this warranty:

(a) The Maruti vehicle must be delivered by Maruti authorised dealer and set-up, serviced by Maruti authorised dealer/ service station.

(b) The warranty registration card in respect of each vehicle must be completed by the dealer at the time of delivery of the vehicle and dealer should retain the same.

The term of the warranty shall be twenty four (24) months or 40,000 kilometers (whichever occurs first) from the date of delivery to the first owner.

(3) Maruti’s Warranty Obligation:

If any defect(s) should be found in a Maruti vehicle within the term stipulated above, Maruti’s only obligation is to repair or replace at its sole discretion any part shown to be defective, with a new part or the equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour, when Maruti acknowledges that such a defect is attributable to faulty material or workmanship at the time of manufacture. The owner is responsible of any repair or replacements which are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty shall not apply to:

(a) normal maintenance service required other than the three free services, including without limitation, oil and fluid changes, headlight aiming, fastener retightening, wheel balancing, wheelalignment and tyre rotation, cleaning of injectors, adjustments of carburettor, ignition timing, clutch and valve clearance.

(b) the replacement of normal wear parts including without limitation, bulbs, battery, tyres and tubes, spark plugs, belts, hoses, filters, wiper blades, brushes, contact points, fuses, clutch disc, brake shoes, brake pads, cable and all rubber parts (except oil seal and glass run).

(c) any vehicle which has been used for competition or racing.

(d) any repairs or replacement required as a result of accidents or collision.

(e) any defects caused by misuse, negligence, abnormal use or insufficient care.

(f) any vehicle which has been modified or altered, including without limitation, the installation of performance accessories.

(g) any vehicle on which parts or accessories not approved by

(h) any vehicle which has not been operated in accordance with the operating instructions in the Maruti Owner’s Manual,

(i) any vehicle which has not received, during the warranty term, the service inspections prescribed in the Maruti

G) any vehicle which has been assembled, disassembled, adjusted or repaired by other than an Maruti authorised

(k) any vehicle which has been used for purposes other than what it was designed for.

(I) any damage or deterioration caused by industrial pollution and bird droppings,

(m) insignificant defects which do not affect the function of the vehicle including without limitation sound, vibration and fluid

(n) any natural wear and tear including without limitation, ageing etc.

For Maruti Air-Conditioned Vehicles

(o) V-belts, hoses and gas leaks.

This warranty is the entire written warranty given by Maruti for Maruti vehicles and no dealer or its or his agent or employee is authorised to extend or enlarge this warranty and no dealer or its or his agent or employee is autorised to make any oral warranty on Maruti’s behalf.

Maruti reserves the right to add any improvements or change the design of any model at any time with no obligation to make the same changes on units previously sold.

To obtain warranty service, the complete vehicle must be presented at the owner’s expenses to any authorised Maruti dealer.

(7) Owner’s Warranty Responsibilities:

It is responsibility of each owner to:

(a) make certain that the warranty registration/PDI card was completed at the time of delivery of the vehicle;

(b) have performed, at his own expenses, by an Maruti authorised dealer/service station all the service inspections specified in the Maruti «Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet» and maintain adequate proof that such service inspections have been performed.

(c) make certain that the Maruti authorised dealer/service station performing the service inspection has certified the work on the «Maintenance Service Record» page in the «Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet» and

(d) present the Maruti «Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet» to the authorised Maruti dealer whenever requesting service inspections or warranty service.

If the «Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet» should be lost or destroyed the owner should consult the authorised Maruti dealer from whom the vehicle was purchased for instructions concerning replacement of the «Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet».

(8) Disclaimer of Consequential Damage:

Maruti assumes no responsibility for loss of vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience or any other indirect incidental or consequential damage resulting from the vehicle not being available to the owner because of any defect covered by this warranty.

Even if ownership of the vehicle changes, the remaining

warranty period is effective for the new owner.

Maruti offers the Emission Warranty on all Maruti vehicles (aparts from the Regular warranty and will run parallel to the regular product warranty) only in four metropolitan cities (New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai) with effect from July 1st, 2001.

The Emission Warranty will be applicable for 80,000 kms or 3 years (Whichever comes earlier) from the date of delivery to the first owner. The remaining warranty terms will be valid in case of any change in ownership provided the production of all valid documents.

1. Under Emission Warranty, Warranty claims will be admitted for a prima facie examination, in case vehicle fails to meet to the

Emission Standard as specified In sub rule (2) of rule no. 115 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989.

2. The warranty claims will only be accepted after examination carried out by Maruti or it’s dealer which leads to firm conclusions that the

a) Original settings have not been tempered in any case.

b) Part (as given in Annexure-A) has a manufacturing defect.

c) Vehicle is unable to meet the Emission Standards (as given in 1.), inspite of the vehicle having been maintained and used in accordance with the instructions as specified in Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet and the used fuel and different oils (Engine oil, Transmission oil, Brake oil etc.) are also as per specification.

3. The method of examination for deciding the warranty of the parts will be at the sole discretion of Maruti and it’s dealer and

results of the examination will be final and

after examination, the warrantable condition is not established, Maruti

and it’s dealer has the right to charge all,

the cost of such examination.

4. Under Emission Warranty, the parts (as given in Annexure-A) will be changed free of cost, but the consumables will be charged as per actual.

5. If the part covered under Emission Warranty or the associated parts, are not independently replaceable, on account of these being integral parts of a complete assembly, Maruti and it’s dealer will have the sole discretion to replace either the entire assembly or by using some of the parts of the system through suitable repairs or modifications.

6. Any consequential repairs or replacement of parts which may be found necessary to establish compliance of Emission Warranty,

will not be considered under warranty, unless the same is under product warranty. The

responsible for the cost of transportation of the vehicle to the nearest

Maruti dealer workshop or any loss

due to non-availability of the vehicle during the period of lodging of a warranty claim and

responsible for any penalty that may be charged by statutory authorities

of failure to comply with

9. Emission Warranty will not be affected on the change of owner, provided all the documents are available.

All maintenance actions (as specified in the Owner’s manual and Service Booklet)

to produce the PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate valid

which the failure is discovered. The receipts (for the maintenance of the vehicle as per specification in Owner’s Manual and Service Booklet from the date of original purchase of the vehicle) will also be required.

Conditions under which the Emission Warranty is not APPLICABLE

1. In the absence of valid PUC certificate.

2. Vehicle not serviced from Maruti authorised workshop as per the schedule specified in the Owner’s Manual .

3. Vehicle subjected to abnormal use (accident, motor race, rallies or for the purpose of establishing the records etc.)

4. Use of non MGP (Maruti Genuine Part).

5. Vehicle tempered in an unauthorised manner.

6. Tampering with odometer so that the actual kilometer reading can not be read.

7. Use of adulterated fuel and/or unspecified oils (Engine oil, Transmission oil and Brake oil etc.)

List of parts covered under Emission Warranty

1. Fuel Injection Assembly, Pressure Regulator, Throttle Body Assembly.

2. Electronic Control Module (ECM).

5. Distributor and internal parts.

8. Vapour Liquid Separator.

9. Fuel Tank and Filler Cap.

10. PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve.

14. All fuel Injection System related SENSORS.


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